Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eastern (bio)

Eastern was prepped by Akumie to do her bidding. When she wanted Rig Katashi dead, she sent Eastern to do the deed. Eastern set out to complete his task. He failed at killing either Rig or Yomosa. Eastern died by the hands of Rig.


Eastern and Rig Katashi
Eastern hates Rig with a passion. He wants him dead for how much he hurt Akumie.

Eastern and Yomosa
Eastern pities Yomosa but, at the same time, doesn't care about her. Eastern feels it is okay to kill Yomosa because Rig would end up breaking her heart in the end.

Common Eastern Dragon



First Appearance
Love and Leaving 2

Final Appearance/Death
Love and Leaving 3

Friday, May 3, 2013

Eastern Dragons

This is a classification from what part of the globe the dragons are from. It also refers to common physical characteristics of certain species of dragons.


This is the the most common look of an Eastern Dragon. Therefore they are usually just referred to as an Eastern Dragon.


Dragons are creatures that vary from place to place. The thing that makes them the same is that they are clever, use magic, and can be classified as reptiles.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Synopsis and Sneak Peeks (2)

Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki
Sections Mentioned: After the Fall & Love and Leaving

Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki
Sections Mentioned: Love and Leaving & Untamed Waters


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elemental Summoner

Those who deal with the Spirits of the Elements (aka Elementals for short) are good information sources. Most only deal with one Elemental and disregard the others. This is due to mastery of even one kind of Elemental being hard enough.

The one Elemental most Elemental Summoners stay away from is Death. As Death is the most deadly Elemental.



It's an ability that is inborn in some and yet others have to learn how to master. For those that have to learn it, it can be a long and difficult power to fully master.

Those that have the inborn ability to shapeshift have no problem at all with this ability. Most abandon any real form (termed non-forms which are a combination of different shapes) unless they live/work with others.

Those who don't have this ability inborn spend years learning even the basics. Most users end up living at the fringes of society. Those who can still socialize keep to themselves, but are able to keep jobs and company.


Rig Katashi

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yomosa (bio)

 "Partially. But also that I let fear get the better of me when I've been fearless for so long."-Yomosa to Rig Katashi


Time With Hijunaki
Yomosa was to be wed to a male human, but ends up being captured by Rig Katashi (under Hijunaki's orders). Once Yomosa refuses Hijunaki's advances, Hijunaki orders Rig to kill her. Rig, instead, risks his life to save hers. She has sex with Rig before the fight. After Rig wins the fight she decides to stay with him.

Traveling With Rig Katashi
Yomosa travels with Rig Katashi and they end up staying in a farming village. Waking up she asks Rig why he keeps her around. He doesn't say he loves her. After breakfast she starts a play fight with him. At the end she is in his arms. He tells her that someone looked at him funny, but she doesn't think anything of it. Though she does slap him when she finds out how he pissed off Akumie. Later they find their room trashed. She wakes up and Rig tells her about an Air Elemental that visited. The Elemental said they have to leave Japan. He finally admits his love to her. They both leave the village with the end goal of leaving Japan (even though Yomosa knows she doesn't have to leave).

Yomosa is happy to be traveling with Rig Katashi. She offers Jirou fresh wolf meat when he threatens her life. Is uneasy while Jirou is around her. When Rig and her part ways with Jirou, she is happy to be away from him. Races Rig to the harbor but stops when she sees an Eastern Dragon about to attack her and her lover. Yomosa ends up fighting the Eastern for a little bit and then Rig finally kills it. Yomosa is both glad that Eastern is dead but feels some pity because he was a strong creature. She agrees to follow Rig even though they might have to fight Akumie upon leaving Japan. When no captain will take either her or Rig outside of Japan, Yomosa agrees to ride Rig when he takes on an Eastern Dragon form.


Yomosa and Rig Katashi
Yomosa hates Rig for killing her intended husband. But, when Rig challenges Hijunaki to a battle to the death, starts to develop feelings for him. After he wins the fight she realizes she has fallen for him and is later happy that he admits his love for her. Though she loves him, she prefers him being in his main human male form.

Yomosa and Hijunaki
Yomosa, like Rig Katashi, doesn't like being trapped. Her dislike of Hijunaki is easy to understand when knowing that.

Yomosa and Jirou
Is scared of him but doesn't let it show.

Yomosa and Eastern
Yomosa doesn't like Eastern. She saw him as merely a threat and is glad that he is dead.


Lives in Japan

First Appearance
Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Shinto 3